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Simply Heather
Name- Heather Gately

Age- 13

Location- Amish Country, PA

Hobbies- softball, cheerleading, basketball, tumbling, talkin online, xanga and nutang, chattin with my buds, etc.
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Quote of the Day
"Nobody makes cheese like the American's." - Hank Hill "King of the Hill"
hello again
Monday. 5.31.04 5:19 pm
wow... i haven't blogged on nutang in practically a million years. i guess i just got hooked on my xanga lol it's actually kind of cool though... check it out yeah, i doubt anyone will read this considering all my friends are on xanga. i personally like nutang better. well, finals start tomorrow and then school is over. i am so psyched! i'm outie! < Comment! (0) | Recommend!
um yeah
Wednesday. 12.24.03 3:04 pm
Sorry. I am done with this site. It is not worth it lol. There is no one who reads it, so why bother writing? Not that anyone will miss it. So long, sweet lullaby. Comment! (3) | Recommend!
Saturday. 12.13.03 5:28 pm
blahhhhhhhh i am extremely bored, and it kind of sucks knowing that nobody will read this. oh well. i will put up a link to my site on xanga. then maybe people will join nutang. this place rocks. hell yeah. i won my basketball game, which is cool i guess. i only made two baskets though... maybe i will do better next week. hopefully. i really do want it to snow this weekend. i need a day off on moday to work on science fair. it really really stinks. i better go now. <3 heather

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I return to Nutang...
Thursday. 11.13.03 3:26 pm
Hello, friends... actually I have no friends on Nutang. all of my buds are on Xanga. not one person knows about this site. School has started, cheerleading is winding down, and basketball will begin soon. i think that teachers have been put on earth to make you as miserable as possible. i have never ending mountains of homework, science fair, and tests everyday ((almost)) cheerleading: lets just say i am glad there are only 2 more weeks. i am worn out. my grades have slipped, i have no social life anymore, and i am physically in pain... not to mention emotionally. wow. i just realized that my last entry was from months and months ago... scary.

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school begins, and freedom ends
Sunday. 8.24.03 7:29 pm
school begins in 2, count it 1 - 2, days. the freedom and light energy of summer comes to a sad end. although i have had a somewhat disappointing summer, it is better than school, why, you ask. school is full of heavy backpacks, screaming teachers, and itchy uncomfortable sweaters. i love t - shirts. <-- this is what i will be doing once the homework starts flowin in peace

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Wednesday, 8/6/03 - 4:22 pm
hey everyone! this is my first entry on nuTang. before this, my whole online world was Xanga. It's really similar to nuTang. It doesn't have quite as many features, but is a little easier and really cool all the same. if you wanna check it out, it's at www.xanga.com

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